My heart began to sink

A certain pain I felt once before as a loved one passed away , but I only felt this for a second

My blood starts running, my stomach tightened as fast as my hands were

Angry I’m so angry , why would someone you gave everything for , your time , your money, your love , your life make you suffer so much

The person you made sure was never hurt ended up hurting you the most… so you start to release your pain through anger

And the anger released itself through you


  1. Different Couples will get ready for bed , one partner of five couples will fall asleep earlier than the other… leaving their partners to begin to think.

  2. These late night thinkers will face their partner and will begin to see all their problems in the relationship appear just by glancing over before they sleep.

  3. The first partner will see to much of the bad so they choose to face the other way , this is a very important part of what not to do because each night the first person choosing to face the other way will begin to scoot further and further away and will eventually fall off the bed.
  4. However the second person in other hand will prevent this by instead of choosing to face the other way as their partner they will choose  to get up out of bed and find another bed that they can fall asleep in they will eventually find a better bed to sleep in with a new face and will realize this bed was the one all along leaving them to fall asleep in peace. The second person has found the love they needed to help sleep.
  5. The third & fourth partners chose the same path of getting out of bed they both will find themselves struggling trying other beds with new faces they will begin to miss their partners and will begin to realize they could over look the bad and will try to hurry up back to their original beds before their partners alarms goes off and in hopes of their partner still asleep.
  6. The third will make it on time to find that their partner chose to press the snooze button and will be able to crawl back in bed with open arms.
  7. However the fourth will not be so lucky they will find that their partner didn’t choose the snooze button and chose to get up and go on with their day leaving their partner behind, leaving them alone in the bed that they once shared.
  8. Now the fifth partner Was the only one out of the couples that chose to stay in bed after all the bad that they seen in their partner they chose to keep looking a little longer after a minute of looking they begin to admire their partner they will begin to see that all the good memories make all the bad ones disappear without even trying. They begin to see a future as their partner is asleep, they start admiring every little movement in their face. They even admire the slobber that begins to fall! They begin to find themselves smiling uncontrollably and feel their heart get overwhelmed with love this is when their eyes begin to close and hearts will enter locked.
  9. This is when they know they have the right one and they will finally fall asleep in peace..